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EDUC 211: Foundations of Exceptional Learners: Differentiated Instruction Presentation

Research Article Presentation Objectives

Differentiated Instruction Presentation Objectives:
With partners, you will be required to prepare a 60-minute lesson/presentation for the class. Presentations should include:

  • 45 minutes engaging the class in a differentiated learning activity that could be successfully used in a "general education" classroom with exceptional learners. Activities should:
    • Be hands-on
    • Include class interaction & participation
    • Include a supporting document that explains/highlights how you differentiated for exceptional learners & why it fits your chosen disability
    • Include at least 3 peer-review sources that support your decision to differentiate the way that you did for your chosen disability
  • 10 minute discussion on your research that helped develop your lesson/presentation
  • 5 minute Q&A session

Your research should be the focal point of your presentation - not an afterthought. Here are a few tips to making sure this happens:

  • Verbally mention the applicable research in your presentation
  • Provide examples from your readings that speak to your chosen differentiation
  • Base your activities on solid research foundations INSTEAD of fitting the research to an activity you find that may not be grounded in research. 

Keywords to Try When Searching

search tips
Place quotation marks around phrases of more than 1 word when searching. (EX: "high ability")

Keywords to try when searching:

  • differentiation
  • differentiated learning
  • individualized instruction
  • mixed ability grouping 
  • teaching methods

Add in a content area such as:

  • history instruction
  • mathematics instruction
  • music education
  • physical education
  • reading instruction
  • science instruction

Education Databases

Education Databases:

Psychology Database:

Education Journal Titles

Differentiation InfoGraphic

differentiation infographic
Infographic credits found HERE