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ESS 309: Legal Aspect of Sport: Topics/Keywords

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Legal Definitions

Antitrust Law:
Includes the issue of competitive markets. Federal laws that govern antitrust antitrust issues include the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, and Robinson-Patman Act. Examples of antitrust law case issues include coach and player salaries, moving professional sport teams to new cities, broadcasting rights, etc. 

Constitutional Law:
Includes four broad rights relevant to sports: personal freedom, civil rights, due process, and privacy. Examples of constitutional law issues include freedom from discrimination in sports (e.g. race, color, gender, etc.), privacy rights (drug testing), etc.

Contract Law:
Includes the promised committment(s) given to a player or a coach. Examples of contract law issues include suspension or denial of scholarship money, loss of employment, breach of contract, etc.

Employment Law:
Includes issues such as hiring and firing, and employee evaluations. Examples of employment law issues include employee (coach) termination. 

Intellectual Property:
Includes issues surrounding copyright and trademarks. Examples of intellectual property issues include television and radio broadcasts of live sporting events, trademark infringement, etc.

Products Liability:
Includes the responsibility of manufacturers and retailers to provide quality products and provide compensation to consumers for injuries caused by their products. Examples of products liability issues include improper design leading to manufacturing defects, failure to warn, and breaches of warranty.

Statutory Law:
Includes laws enacted by the legislature at state and federal levels declaring a course of action. Examples of statutory law issues include ineligibility to play based on discrimination, etc.

Title IX:
Includes issues surrounding gender participation, student-teacher relationships, etc.

Tort Law:
Includes issues surrounding sports-related injuries and the medical expenses and other losses involved by the negligence of another party.  

Information taken from the course reserves book, "Case Studies in Sports Law."

What Is Sports Law?

Keywords to Try When Searching

Consider the following laws in relation to sport and physical activity:

  • antitrust law
  • constitutional law
  • contract law
  • employment law
  • intellectual property
  • products liability
  • statutory law
  • title IX
  • tort law

Additionally, take into consideration topics surrounding sport and physical activity law:

  • commercialization and politics in sport 
  • doping in sports
  • risk management
  • sex discrimination in sports law and legislation
  • sport conduct
  • sport contracts
  • sport injuries and compensation
  • sport sponsorship
  • sports drug abuse
  • women athletes legal status