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International Students' Library Guide: Library Services

Content on This Page

Content on This Page
There's more information on this page than you think! Tabs along the top of the page will get you to the different pages of this guide, but within the content itself, you will notice even more tabs to help organize information. 

Student Advice

Mariam Aly Ibrahim | Cairo, Egypt | Multicultural Affairs Programmer

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and explore new things [and] never hesitate to ask for help.

​Tabo Chata | Windhoek, Namibia | Multicultural Affairs Programmer

Go to events to take a break from studying, join student [groups], plan a weekly schedule/to-do list, and keep good class notes.

Angela Gonsiorowski | Cedar Lake, Indiana | Multicultural Affairs Programmer

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Josh Otero | Kouts, Indiana | Multicultural Affairs Programmer

Don't be afraid to sit and talk with random people. That's how I met my best friend.

Blen Teferi | Ethiopia | Multicultural Affairs Programmer

Try to gain as much new experience in your first year as possible and make good relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Study Spaces @ Funderburg

group study space

Group Study Spaces @ Funderburg
Group study spaces can be found on all 3 levels of Funderburg Library. The library is however YOUR library, so you're free to make the space what you need it to be! 

Computer Lab:
When classes are not in session, the computer lab may be the perfect group environment to work on projects.
Misc. Tables: Group tables can be found throughout the lower level.

Wilbur's Cafe:
Group seating is available in the after-hours area of Wilbur's Cafe. 
Misc. Tables: Group tables can be found throughout the main level.

Sectional Couch: The section couch is the perfect place to get comfortable while working on a group project.
​Misc. Tables: Group tables can be found throughout the upper level.

Small Group Study Spaces @ Funderburg
The Nostalgia Corner can be found on the upper level of the library along the same wall of the private study rooms. This space is the perfect place to collaborate on a small group project. 

The quiet study area is located in the enclosed glass wall room on the upper level of Funderburg Library. This space is specifically designed to be a quiet zone where focused concentration is needed. 

Private Study Rooms
Private study rooms can be found on both the upper and lower levels of the library and can be used on a first-come first-serve basis. These rooms are the perfect space for focused study if you need a quiet and un-interrupted space to work. 

Library Computer Lab
Located on the lower level of the library, the computer lab is equipped with 30 desktop computers. Several classes are held in the lab each semester, but when classes are not in session, the computers are free to use. Double check the bulletin board just outside the lab to determine computer availability times.

Wilbur's Cafe
Located to the left as you walk into the library, Wilbur's Cafe is open for lunch and dinner hours with quick meal options that include a Funderdog! 

The cafe closes after dinner hours, but the space is open 24/7 for an after-hours study location. Enjoy comfortable seating and limited computers.

Monday - Thursday
11:00am - 7:00pm
11:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday

Technology @ Funderburg

Desktop & Laptop Computers @ Funderburg
Networked computers and laptops are available for student use throughout Funderburg Library. Log in with your MU username and password.

Computer Lab: 30 desktops when classes are not in session
Study Room: 1 desktop 

Frick Information Center: 9 desktops
Wilbur's Cafe: 7 desktops 

Quiet Study Area: 2 desktops 
Study Room: 1 desktop

HP: 20 available for 72 hour loan periods 
Apple: 2 available for 4 hour loan periods

Printing @ Manchester
Printers can be found on the main level of the library. The black and white printer is located in the Frick Information Center. The color printer is located just inside Wilbur's Cafe.

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless internet is available throughout Funderburg Library. Easily connect to the public non-secure network (MUWifi-Public) or the private secure network (MUWiFi) using your Manchester username and password.

Wireless Printing
Wireless printing via Spartan Print is available by accessing Log in using your personal laptop, print your document from your home, dorm room before class, or anywhere else on campus, and release it within 4 hours at any printer/copier station. 

Research Help

Your Librarian:
Subject specialty librarians are available to assist you with research projects or papers you have been assigned. Contact your "College" librarian to make a research appointment.

Darla Haines
College of Arts & Humanities  

MU Funderburg Library: Office #112
Phone: 260.982.5949
Text: 260.232.2755



Jill Lichtsinn
College of Business  

Phone: 260.982.5015
Text: 260.232.2755


Rebecca Johnson
College of Education & Social Sciences  

MU Funderburg Library: Office #109
Phone: 260.982.5360
Text: 260.232.2755



Edita Sicken
College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences  

MU Funderburg Library: Office #111
Phone: 260.982.5028
Text: 260.232.2755


Chat With Us!
Our chat service is generally available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. This service is staffed by your Funderburg Librarians and is one of the easiest ways to ask us a question...or just say "Hi!" The chat window conveniently pops up for you on just about every webpage of the library.

Interlibrary Loan Services
Interlibrary Loan services are available to all Manchester students at no charge. If Funderburg Library doesn't have what you're looking for, a request can be placed for an item through Spartan Search, through databases, or through our online forms

For more information on Interlibrary Loan, please visit this page