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FYS - Lead Out Loud: Books (Biography Assignment)

Biographies: Background Information

Biographies: Background Information
A biography is an account of someone's life, written by someone else. An autobiography is an account of a person's life written by that person. Before you begin searching for a biographical work on the person you selected, consider the following:

  • Name: Full name, nicknames and variant spellings (e.g., Abraham Lincoln OR Abe Lincoln)
  • Time Period: Years in which the person lived and worked (e.g., 19th century, 1960s)
  • Country: Where the person lived (e.g., United States, England)
  • Occupation: What the person did for a living and associated synonyms (e.g., writer, author, novelist)
  • Characteristics: Ethnicity, gender, genre, etc. (e.g., black, women, post-modern)

Struggling to Come Up With a Person?
Take a look at these databases. 

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Locating Biographies @ Funderburg

Locating Biographies @ Funderburg
Funderburg library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System which groups books on similar topics together. With this in mind, all books about U.S. presidents, for instance, will be located on the shelf near each other. All books about musicians will be together also, and so on. 

Unfortunately, this means that biographies aren't all located in one place, but instead are spread out according to what the person was known for. 

Once you've looked at the Background Information section of this page, use the Spartan search box above to search our catalog of books.

Sample Selection of Biographies @ Funderburg

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