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Textbook Resources: Online Retailers

Shop Multiple Stores at Once

#Occupy the Bookstore Extension

#Occupy the Bookstore is a useful Chrome extension that finds online retailers with your textbook and aggregates those results into a quick list of who has the book and for how much. After downloading the extension, search the university's bookstore website as usual for your courses' textbooks and the extension will generate the list for you.

Notes on Purchasing Used Books

  1. Try searching by ISBN to make sure that you're getting the right edition of the book you need for class.
  2. Most online retailers that offer used editions of books DO NOT have the access keys needed for online content - if you find a $200 textbook online for $10, that should be a clue. Ask your instructor if you'll be using the additional content, sometimes you won't need it at all or you may be able to purchase an access key separately.