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Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Scale for Evaluating Research Studies

CEBM Scale for Evaluating Research Studies
The CEBM scale for evaluating research studies is an approach to determining the level of evidence in research studies. A concise description of each level of evidence can be found HERE.

CEBM Scale Checklist
CEBM Checklist
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PEDro Scale for Evaluating Research Studies

PEDro Scale for Evaluating Research Studies
The Physiotherapy Evidence Database Scale (PEDro) was developed to specifically rate the quality of research studies. The scale includes 11 criteria that if satisfied (with the exception of the 1st criterion that pertains to external validity as opposed to face validity), receives one-point that contributes to the overall score (range of 0-10 points).   

Articles Discussing the Usage of the PEDro Scale
Elkins, M.R., Herbert, R.D., Moseley, A.M., Sherrington, C., Maher, C. Rating the quality of trials in systematic reviews of physical therapy interventionsCardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal. 2010;21(3):20-26.

Maher, C.G., Sherrington, C., Herbert, R.D., Moseley, A.M., Elkins, M. Reliability of the PEDro scale for rating quality of randomized controlled trialsPhysical Therapy. 2003;83(8):713-721.

PEDro Scale Checklist
PEDro Scale

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