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EDUC 203: Learning Through Movement: Class Presentation Resources

Presentation 1: Cultural Or Ethnic Dance

Reference Resources

Search Funderburg Shelves in the 793.31 area.

Journal Title Resources

Database Resources

*Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

Presentation 2: Create a Play

Screenplay Template

screenplay template

Playbill Creation Tool: Canva!


Need Help?

If you need assistance with any of the tools provided...

book an appointment

Presentation 3: Children's Book Dramatization

Children's Literature @ Funderburg

Location: Lower Level to the left of the restrooms

  • Juvenile Easy Literature (JE): Picture books A-Z by author's last name
  • Juvenile Fiction Literature (J): Chapter books A-Z by author's last name

Recording Equipment

If you don't have access to a video camera, you can record from a webcam directly to YouTube. Follow these steps:

  1. Use a personal laptop or one of the library's loanable laptops with built-in webcam capabilities. You can also use a desktop computer with a purchased USB webcam.
  2. Set up the computer in a well-lit area for better picture quality
  3. Speak loudly so the built-in camera can pick up your voice with ease
  4. Make a FREE account with YouTube if you don't already have one
  5. After logging in, click the Upload option in the top right menu
  6. In the upload area, look at the right menu options and in the create videos section, choose record next to webcam capture. You can also go directly to this URL for quick access (but you must be logged in to save):
    1. If you're asked to permit YouTube to access your camera and microphone, select Allow
    2. After you've recorded the video, you can preview it by clicking the Play button
    3. If you need to re-record, click the Start Over button below the video 
    4. When you're satisfied, click the Upload button
    5. Share your video with your professor and/or classmates by clicking the Share menu option underneath your video and copying the URL that displays