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Education: Technology/Apps

Apps in the Classroom

When getting started with apps in the classroom, find apps that encompass the ideas of collaboration and creation in order to meet common core standards. 

Creativity & Collaboration Apps
All FREE and for iOS devices

Google Docs for Collaboration

Google Drive & Docs
Creation & Collaboration for Classroom Integration

Google Drive incorporates the concept of cloud storage while the Google Docs suite provides a powerful and collaborative web-based alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. Use the links below to navigate through a series of tutorials that were written and presented as a Manchester University Education Department workshop. 

If you're interested in a hands-on tech tool workshop for anything you see on this page, please use the form to the right to submit your request.

Introduction | Cloud Storage | Creating Documents Online | Collaboration | Sharing Documents | Forms | Classroom Ideas

Poll Everywhere

CellPhone & Web Student Response System

PollEverywhere is a free response system that allows students (or any audience) the opportunity to engage and submit answers to questions via SMS text messaging or through a web link on a computer or electronic device. Multiple choice or open answer polls can be embedded in PowerPoint presentations, tweeted via Twitter, or shown directly from the PollEverywhere website.

How might you use PollEverywhere in the classroom? Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • Check for understanding after teaching lesson material
  • Ice breakers or hooks as a way to engage students when they first enter class
  • Student feedback for decision-making purposes
  • Student progress on an assignment (e.g. text "done" to the poll when you are finished)

Click the image above for a quick video on how PollEverwhere works.

Interactive Whiteboards & Smartboards

Interactive Whiteboard Technology

Digital whiteboard screens allow for an image to be displayed and then be modified on the screen using a pen or a highlighting tool and in some cases, with a simple touch on the screen itself.



  • Tactical Learners can learn through touching the screen
  • Audio Learners can add discussion as the screen is being manipulated
  • Visual Learners can then observe what's being taught on the screen

Implementation Ideas

  • Note Taking Tool: Students can take turns writing important points on the board
  • Brainstorming: Pull together ideas with images, diagrams and/or videos
  • Media: All forms of media can be used on the board - including interactive games

Explore more interactive whiteboard ideas using the SMART Exchange website,  TeachHUB, and Scholastic's Interactive Whiteboard Lessons.

Technology Integration

Tech Tool Workshop Request

If you're interested in a hands-on tech tool workshop, please use the form below to submit your request.