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EDUC 240-263: Learners With High Abilities/Mild Disabilities: Research Article Presentation

Research Article Presentation Objectives

Research Article Presentation Objectives:
You will be required to select a recent research article from a special education, gifted education, or professional education journal that highlights an issue of interest to you (in relation to course material). You will prepare a 1-page summary of the article and will present it to the class with the following questions to consider as points of discussion:

  • Do you agree/disagree with the author(s) and the content of the article? Why/why not? Can you defend your position with evidence from the text, personal experience, etc.?
  • Who will benefit from reading the article? What will that benefit be?
  • Why is the article's information important? (Explain how it can be used in the classroom)
  • What new questions/thoughts have been generated from the research?

Keywords to Try When Searching

search tips
Place quotation marks around phrases of more than 1 word when searching. (EX: "high ability")

High Ability Search Term Options

  • advanced placement
  • autistic children
  • classroom environment
  • classroom techniques
  • gifted and talented students
  • high ability students
  • high achievement
  • learning styles
  • student motivation

Mild Disability Search Term Options

  • aggression
  • antisocial behavior
  • behavior problems
  • classroom techniques
  • learning disabilities
  • learning styles
  • mild disability students
  • mild mental retardation
  • positive reinforcement
  • special education
  • student behavior

Education Databases



Education Journal Titles

High Ability & Mild Disability Wordcloud


Finding and Narrowing a Topic

Find ideas in the syllabus, your text, class discussion, or Google News.

   Narrow down a broad topic by asking yourself
   the 5 W's: who? what? where? when? why?

   As you search the databases, looking at
   subject headings and abstracts can help you
                focus your topic.

Boolean Operators

Using Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) with your keywords will help you narrow or expand your results.

The highlighted middle section represents the use of AND. Searching for poverty AND addiction will give you results with both words present. Therefore, your results are fewer.

Using OR between similar keywords will give you results that include both words. Therefore, your results are greater. A search for teenagers OR adolescents will retrieve either or both terms.

The NOT operator gives you results from only one of your words. Therefore, your results are fewer. Searching for addiction NOT alcohol will eliminate alcohol from the results.

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