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Copyright for Faculty: Media

Best Practices for Using Media in the Classroom

Media in the classroom holds many copyright implications for both streaming media and hard-copy DVD/Blue Ray discs. As 3rd party sites offer more original/exclusive content, the terms and conditions of fair use blur. 

Considerations to keep in mind:

  • showing a personal or library DVD/Blue Ray copy is covered by a specific copyright exemption (Section 110)
  • showing clips of a DVD/Blue Ray can be covered by fair use (Section 107)
  • streaming videos from personal subscription vendors is prohibited as stated in each 3rd party terms and conditions agreement 

For a more detailed and thorough explanation of the streaming restrictions, visit this link for the article titled: Can I show Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc videos in my classroom?


Manchester librarians are not the copyright police, nor are we legal experts in copyright. It is our responsibility to provide resources, but not advice in regards to what you can and cannot do in your courses. Interpretation of copyright law is up to the individual, though Manchester's legal council may be able to provide further assistance.

Media in the Classroom

streaming media in the classroom infographic