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Copyright for Faculty: Best Practices

Best Practices in Copyright

Best Practices and copyright considerations to keep in mind:

  • When claiming fair use, keep a documented record of your Fair Use Evaluation Checklist on file should it ever be questioned
  • Attribute the original author of the work used, even in Fair Use and Creative Commons licensing scenarios
  • Instead of posting PDF files directly within Canvas (which likely will end up being a copyright violation), link out to e-resources within library databases or use links to resources found freely on the web.
  • As a continuation to the 3rd bullet, test links in the learning environment prior to the start of each semester to ensure e-resources are still accessible.

For a more extensive understanding of copyright, review the infographic below. Click the image or follow the link below the image for a larger view.

understanding copyright infographic 


Manchester librarians are not the copyright police, nor are we legal experts in copyright. It is our responsibility to provide resources, but not advice in regards to what you can and cannot do in your courses. Interpretation of copyright law is up to the individual, though Manchester's legal council may be able to provide further assistance.

Can I Use It In My Canvas Course?

best practices infographic