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ENG 103: First Year Seminar Writing Lab: Stop 4: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

MLA Citations

Stop 4: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer


1. At your final destination, your task is to craft an MLA citation from scratch, using the information from Stop 2, Spartan Search Article Searching.

2. Use the MLA templates below as a guide for citing the Spartan Search Article you found.

3. Using the elements of the citation recorded on stop 2 of your digital passport, record your finished citation under stop 4.


Pay close attention to punctuation, and the order of the different parts of the citation.
Don't forget to use quotation marks an italics with the correct elements!


MLA Journal Article Template:
Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. "Title of Article." Journal Name Volume.Issue (Date) : Page Range. Web. Today's Date in the format seen in the example below.

MLA Journal Article Example:
Xie, Ailei. "Inside the College Gate: Rural Students and Their Academic and Social Success." Chinese Education & Society 48.2 (Mar/Apr 2015) : 77-80. Web. 9 Nov. 2015.


When you have finished this task, ask your librarian to confirm that your passport is complete!

You Made It!

When Your Group Finishes...

Take this time to search for information and begin saving articles. We'll be recapping together as a group when everyone has finished Stop 4.