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SOC 101: Intro to Sociology: Citing Your Information

Plagiarism & Citations Styles @ Manchester University

For additional information regarding citation styles used at Manchester University, along with general information on plagiarism and academic integrity, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

American Sociology Association Style

ASA Style Resources:

ASA Style Example Citations:

Example Citation for Magazines & Journals, such as Context Magazine:

Author1 Last Name, First Middle Initial., Author 2 First Name Middle Initial Last Name, and Author 3. Year of Publication. "Title of Article." Name of Journal Italicized Volume Number(Issue Number):Page Numbers.

Armstrong, Elizabeth A., Laura Hamilton, and Paula England. 2010. "Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women?" Contexts 9(3):22-27.

Example Image Citation from the Sociological Images blog:

Author or Corporate Author. Year of Publication. "Title of Article the Image is Included Within." [image] Retrieved Date (website url).

Wade, Lisa. 2017. "Mocking Perfect Gender Performances (Because the Rule is to Break Rules)." [image] Retrieved August 24, 2017 (

Citation Tools & Generators

Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

Video by University of Victoria Libraries