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Zotero Citation Management: Installing Zotero

Zotero Requirements

What You Need to Install
In order to use Zotero, you need to install TWO things:

  1. The Zotero desktop computer application
  2. A browser connector to allow your browser to save citations to the Zotero application

Both of these are available from the Zotero download page.

Create an Account
With a Zotero account, you can sync your content across different devices.

Go to to create a free account.


Need Help Installing?

Use this Installing Zotero tutorial to walk you through the installation process.

If you need further help or have questions, send an email to librarians

Step 1: Install the Zotero Desktop Computer Application

Step 1: Install the Zotero Desktop Computer Application 

Download and install Zotero from the Zotero website. A different version for each operation system is available (i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux).

Step 2: Install Browser Connectors

Step 2: Install Browser Connectors 

Browser connectors allow your web browser to save citations to your Zotero library within the desktop application downloaded in Step 1. The Zotero downloads page should automatically detect what browser you're using and give you a link.

NOTE: Each browser has it's own version of the Zotero connector, so if you use Chrome, Firefox and Safari, you will need to install all three connectors.

Confirm Zotero is Connecting to Microsoft Word

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  • Open a new document in Word
  • Click on Zotero in the menu
  • Zotero options will appear on the left
  • If you do not see Zotero in the menu, follow the instructions below

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  • Close Word
  • Open Zotero
  • Go to Tools --> Add ons
  • Make sure Zotero for Windows Integration is enabled (if the button says "Disable," it is enabled)

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  • Also in Zotero, Go to Edit --> Preferences --> Word Processor
  • Click Install/Reinstall Microsoft Word Add-in
  • Open Word and confirm