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Zotero Citation Management: Annotated Bibliographies

Step 1: Download and Install an Annotated Style

Step 1: Download and Install and Annotated Style
There are currently 2 annotated styles available from the Zotero Style Repository: Chicago and APA. Walk through the steps in the image below to download the annotated style you wish to use.

Step 2: Annotate References in Zotero

Step 2: Annotate References in Zotero
One the annotated style preference is installed, you can annotated references from within Zotero. Simply 1) select the reference you want to annotate, and 2) add your annotation content in the "Extra" field of the record to the right-hand side of your Zotero application.

Step 3: Select References for Annotated Bibliography and Export

Step 3a: Select References for Annotated Bibliography
When you're ready to create your annotated bibliography, 1) select the references you want to include, and 2) right click on the selection and choose "Create Bibliography from Selected Items."



Step 3b: Export
At this point, you will be asked to choose a citation style. NOTE: Be sure to choose annotated. Select how you want to save the bibliography, then click OK.

Your Bibliography

Your Bibliography Export
Your bibliography will export in .RTF format which can be copy/pasted into a Word document. 

Content Credit

Content Credit
Content on this page is taken from and created by Erin Mooney of Emory University.