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Zotero Citation Management: Sharing Libraries

Sharing References with Zotero Groups

Sharing References With Zotero Groups

Zotero's "Groups" feature allows you to share references with other Zotero users online. This is a great way to work collaboratively on research projects.

To begin:

  1. Set up Zotero sync and synchronize your library (follow the steps outlined on the "Synchronize Your Library" tab of this guide)
  2. Click the "Create Groups" button near the top left of your Zotero window to create a shared library
  3. Add content to this Group Library just as you would your own personal Zotero library folders

To join an existing Zotero group library:

  • Search for the group library at or use the invite from the group library's owner

Personal and group libraries are entirely separate, and changes made to items in one library do not affect the other. You can drag items back and forth across libraries to copy items.

NOTE: Create a new shared group from the Create a New Group page of the Zotero website. Groups may be public (searchable, and anyone can join) or private (users can only join if invited).